Installing BodhiLinux

Moksha Desktop for Debian

  • install the keyring: bodhilinux-keyring
  • wget

  • install multiarch-support needed by libjpeg8: multiarch-support
  • wget

  • install libjpeg8: libjpeg8
  • wget

  • install libwebp6 needed by libtiff5: libwebp6
  • wget

  • install libtiff5: libtiff5
  • wget

    download: sources.list


    sudo cp ./sources.list to /etc/apt/sources.list

    • sudo apt update

    • sudo apt moksha
    • sudo apt *moksha* (for all)

      original source from spiceworks (outdated)
      learn more about Moksha Desktop

latest updated on 8/30/2023 by: LinuxCast